About Us

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I am Mohit Sharma, the driving force behind MovierulzAPK. With extensive experience of over 3 years, I have been actively involved as an app developer, web developer and SEO enthusiast.

Our mission:

At https://movierulz-apk.in, our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to indulge your love for movies and TV shows. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to curate a diverse collection of entertainment options to cater to every taste.


  • App Development: My specialty is creating seamless and engaging mobile applications that provide an immersive experience.
  • Web Development: Building intuitive and visually appealing websites that increase user satisfaction is what I excel at.
  • SEO Mastery: With a deep understanding of SEO practices, we strive to optimize our digital presence for maximum reach and impact.

Our Vision:

We see Movierulz as a go-to hub for entertainment lovers, providing them easy access to a plethora of entertainment options across different genres and platforms.

Be Connected:

If you require the services of a skilled developer with a passion for creating user-centric digital solutions keeping SEO strategies in mind, do not hesitate to connect with us. Your satisfaction and project success are of paramount importance to us.

Thanks for considering MovierulzAPK for your entertainment needs. Let’s collaborate to bring your entertainment experience to a whole new level!